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Rebuilding Ukraine should begin with sheltering its people

They have suffered through this devastating war and were rendered homeless by it

7 Million People Internally Displaced Across Ukraine

Over 7 Million People Have Crossed Borders to Seek Security and Safety in Other Countries

This is the Largest Human Displacement Crisis in the World Today!

% of physical infrastructure damaged or destroyed since Russia invaded Ukraine.
That’s where the greatest need for temp housing is likely to be.

Destruction of civilian infrastructure
(UN Situation Report)

Near 130,000 residential buildings, which have been home for about 3.7 million Ukrainians, have been damaged across the country since the beginning of the war, according to the Government. The figure includes more than 14,000 multi-story apartment buildings and over 105,000 private houses.

Destruction of civilian infrastructure

“We’ll reconstruct it all, every home, every apartment, every street of every ruined city.
And this process must start now.”

Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal

“It’s urgent to establish settlements of good quality temporary housing for all those who have lost their homes in this war. This would give people from the ruined cities decent living conditions while waiting for some buildings to be repaired and many new ones to be built.”

The plans for such settlements need to be expedited to encourage the Ukrainian refugees now living abroad to come back to their homeland. This housing will also provide a place to live for the fighters who are heroically defending the country.”

President Zelensky

The mayor of Lviv, Ukraine, Mr. Sadovyi, said after signing an agreement with the Red Cross to establish a dedicated neighborhood of prefabricated homes for displaced people: “We’ve got no other choice. People that have arrived here can’t live in schools and gyms forever. Now they must be given an opportunity to live a normal life in Ukraine.”