The About Us Statement

Founded in May 2022 in response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine which resulted in millions of innocent people becoming homeless, the Rebuild Ukraine Foundation is the first American non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising efforts toward purchasing and delivery of mobile temporary housing for Ukraine. Every experienced builder agrees that even with all the reconstruction efforts in place, it will still take up to several years to have a substantial amount of permanent housing completed. Therefore, it is essential to accommodate the Ukrainians in need now and later during the postwar recovery.

Our Founder

The RUF was founded by Sasha Vosk, who is determined to improve the living conditions of those left homeless by the war in his birthplace.

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Our Board

While we are fortunate to have very dedicated and experienced board members, their identities cannot be revealed yet due to the continuing war and danger to their families in Russia.

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Our Advisors

Some of the leaders in the manufactured homes community considering becoming our advisors.

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Our Impact

Our work directly impacts the lives of Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To provide mobile homes for the largest possible number of people in Ukraine left homeless by the war. This will enable them to reunite with their families and live productive and satisfying lives while the reconstruction takes place.

Our Vision

We envision the millions of displaced Ukrainians whose homes were ruined in this conflict being comfortably accommodated as soon as possible.

Our Core Values


We will be honest. We will keep the promises that we’ve made, and we won’t make promises we can’t keep.


We seek to assist other individuals and organizations that share our common vision.


Realizing that the most of our assets will be donations, we will remember the source and value of these and treat each as a gift. The donors will be recognized.


We will endeavor to pioneer different ways of meeting the needs of those whom we’ve set ourselves to assist, being stewards of our resources and solving problems — from the major goal of providing housing to the small living-related inconveniences.


We will do our best to meet the needs of Ukrainians who have lost so much, as well as our donors and partners.


We will become experts in our area of service. We will gain an increasing body of knowledge and expertise to see our vision become reality.


Target Market

There are 7 million people internally displaced across Ukraine, and nearly 5 million of them had their homes destroyed in this war. The latter are the focus of our service. Among them are those who fought to free their country and those who stayed back and suffered through the war, as well as returning refugees.

There will be a broad range of ages, marital status, education, and occupations. Income levels will be below or near the poverty level.

List the decision factors of customers in this market

The need for our service is determined by the basic human necessity to live in one’s own space, thus providing people with the essentials of daily living, as well as privacy and security.

Repairs and construction of new apartment buildings or private homes will take many months, if not years. Meanwhile, Ukrainians in need must be accommodated so that they can live productive and happy lives and work to return Ukraine to normalcy.

What is the Market Size?

Our first target market is the 2.1 million people whose houses are ruined in Kyiv’s region and nearby territories.

What is Market Value

According to the World Bank, up to 70% of Ukrainians could live in poverty in 2022-2023. And if there isn't a "massive" post-war support package, more than 60% of Ukrainians would still have an income below the national poverty line by 2025.

Currently, there are more than 7 million Ukrainian refugees. Many of them will be flooding back from Europe, only to find rubble where their homes once stood. More concrete numbers will be available soon after peace is declared.

Are there any current Market Trends?

The temporary shelter market in Ukraine will be expanding as the demand for quickly-assembled and environmentally-friendly homes will rise across the country after the declaration of peace.

Marketing Plan

We will utilize traditional marketing strategies such as face-to-face personal contact, telephone campaigns, direct mailing and an online-offline campaign designed to get leads and qualified donors. We will use digital marketing strategies, employing social media, email, and video.

Short Term Goal

To raise $1,700,000 to purchase and deliver 100 manufactured homes to the most devastated areas.

Long Term Goal (about 5 years)

To raise the fundraising level to $5 million dollars per year and expand the service from providing temporary housing to the construction of schools, cultural centers and houses of worship across Ukraine.

SWOT Analysis

Business Strengths:

Our service is in high demand and particularly suited to Ukraine’s needs, and will remain so for the next 3 to 5 years. Our team on the ground is made up of the highly experienced Ukrainian builders who are also well-connected with the federal and regional authorities and possess unique resources, giving our organization a competitive advantage.

Business Weaknesses:

The staff is lacking the fundraising expertise as well as particulars of administrating a nonprofit corporation, but we are going to collaborate with the experienced nonprofit support groups such as Nonprofit Hub and Propel Nonprofits who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our charity. With increased operational budget we’ll also hire the experienced consultants.


This unexpected war with Russia that rendered millions of Ukrainians homeless created an unprecedented demand for our services. At the same time, new technologies have made the manufacturing of prefabricated homes, the main product that we are planning to supply to Ukraine, cheaper.


What could negatively impact our business would be massive international financial and logistical efforts to provide a similar service by large corporations with the means to do it quickly and simultaneously on a countrywide scale.

Sasha Vosk

Founder & President

Sasha Vosk

Founder's Story

Sasha Vosk
This is my birthplace before it was attacked.

This is my birthplace before it was attacked.

My name is Sasha Vosk. I am a Brooklyn-based writer, producer of an Emmy-award-winning film, director, and Telly award-winning circus producer with a degree in architecture.

Kyiv, Ukraine is where I was born and grew up, and where my family has lived for two centuries. My mother, an architect, and my uncle, a civil engineer, instilled in me a deep love for the city, and especially for its architecture, leading me to start my professional life as an architect.

In early spring of this year, I was shocked as I watched Kyiv’s region being destroyed by the Russian occupiers and saw how many people, now homeless, were hiding in the subway stations deep underground. Some of my closest family stayed behind and others, including my brother’s family, were forced abroad.

I felt that as soon as the situation permitted, I had to do something to help rebuild the city where I was born, as well as other devastated Ukrainian cities and villages.

But how and when do you start to contribute to the rebuilding process, especially while the war is still going on? I didn’t have the answers then, but I knew that the rebuilding process must start with providing quality temporary housing to many thousands of people with no place to live. Take for instance builders: how could that country be rebuilt if they and their loved ones won’t have a temporary home for the duration of the reconstruction period, which might take several years?

It was also clear to me that it’s a mistake not to start this lengthy and demanding process of delivering mobile housing now: half of the country’s territory is not exposed to the war any longer and hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people are very much ready to receive housing help, as well as several million refugees who have already returned to the homeland.

My uncle Volodimir Pinchuk and I in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Kyiv in 2020, of which construction he supervised.

My uncle Volodimir Pinchuk and I in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Kyiv in 2020, of which construction he supervised.

It turns out that the Ukrainian president and his team think the same.

So, I thought where should I start? I’ve never done fundraising and humanitarian aid before, but neither did I have any experience in producing an Emmy-award-winning HBO film, creating and running circus shows around North America and Southeast Asia, or writing/illustrating the first-of-its-kind New York history book, before I had actually done it.

I just knew that I could do it and that I happened to have an advantage: I’m fortunate to have close contacts at the top of the Ukrainian construction industry, including my uncle Volodimir Pinchuk, the former Deputy Minister of Construction of Ukraine and a Member of the State Council of the Ministry of Disaster Services Unit, who is still very active in the business. These builders, highly regarded by the Ukrainian government, will be able to help our organization carry out this program successfully.

The plan became obvious to me: fundraise the money, purchase mobile homes in the countries close to Ukraine for speedy trucking, secure the needed licenses from the federal and regional authorities, lay out the infrastructure for the temporary settlement, and have the mobile homes brought in to accommodate eagerly awaiting families.

I’ve dedicated all of my energy to this project, and my colleagues and I are in the process of following that plan. Rebuild Ukraine Foundation was registered in June, and we have now secured a fiscal partnership with the reputable organization. I’ve made initial contacts with the mobile home manufacturers in Eastern Europe and Ukraine. I am assured from the Ukrainian side that we’ll be assisted every step of the way.

We Americans gave the Ukrainian army the weapons that will secure their victory, and now we need to give their people temporary homes to live during the recovery years. This will be a massive undertaking, but I am confident that as long as we can raise the necessary funds, we will be able to make this happen.

Wayne V. Lee, Jr.

Chief Marketing Advisor

Wayne V. Lee, Jr.


Wayne’s World Media

A former on-air radio personality, Wayne is president of Wayne’s World Media, a marketing communications agency based in New York.

He’s held senior business development, partnership marketing and advertising positions at CBS Television, AccuWeather Digital Media and The New York Times.

Wayne is an innovator and behind-the-scenes catalyst with complete understanding of television, digital and OOH platforms, including online distribution, analytics, custom content marketing, event production and partnership building.

Destination marketing and development clients include Discover Central Europe, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Philippines, China, Borghi-Italia, Antigua & Barbuda, Tamarind Hills Antigua, Adriatic Breeze Croatia, Xeni (online booking portal) and with David Kleinman - the European Travel Commission and Lithuania, among others.

Wayne is also President of Skal International’s New York Club, past treasurer of the New York Executive Board for the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) and past secretary of the New York Executive Board for the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

Wayne’s World Media
Strategic Plan

Fundraising goal

The multitude of destruction in every sphere of life in Ukraine includes living quarters and related infrastructure. Many different segments of the population have been grievously affected by the conflict and left without a place to live. This opens many doors for us to ask for donations.

We are planning to raise $250,000 from various donor sources during the first 6 months of operation, which would provide mobile homes to 12 to 15 families in Ukraine using appeals, grants, events, monthly donors, Facebook fundraisers, and major gifts.

To achieve our fundraising goals, we will be reaching out to the construction and trucking professional union organizations, associations representing military families, corporate donors, home improvement retailers, civic associations, associations for justice and peace, parent groups, amusement parks and other hospitality outlets, as well as entertainment and sports marketing companies.

Milestones of the plan’s implementation

  • 1.a. After raising the initial capital of $25,000, the president will travel to Europe to meet face-to-face with the mobile home manufacturers, choose appropriate model units which meet the standards for manufactured homes in Ukraine, and sign the first downpayment agreement for a mobile unit with the manufacturer who offers the best price.
  • 1.b. When that stage is finalized, the president will travel to Kyiv and other locations with either potential or existing sites allocated for temporary settlements. With help of his contacts in the building industry and the regional governments, the proposed sites will be assigned to the mobile units to be delivered by RUF. The legal matters will be taken care of and paid for, and the work on the civil engineering blueprints (if they are needed for a newly allocated site) for installation of the appropriate infrastructure will be ordered and done in a speedy manner (for more details please see How We’re Different section).
  • 1.c. When this final preparation stage is completed and the infrastructure set up for the first arrival, a local trucking company will be contracted to have the first mobile home delivered from the European manufacturer to the chosen location. The president will travel to the Polish border with Ukraine to supervise the safe transport of the mobile home to the settlement.
  • 2. With each new donation installment of $23,000 to $25,000, a new mobile home will be purchased, delivered, and installed, and another family will be welcomed to their temporary home.

We envision the millions of displaced Ukrainians whose homes were ruined in this conflict being comfortably accommodated as soon as possible. This will enable them to reunite with their families and live productive and satisfying lives while the reconstruction continues.


Rebuild Ukraine Foundation Inc. is a fiscal sponsee of Fiscal Sponsorship Allies Inc. (EIN: 85-0839183), a charitable subsidiary of Charitable Allies, an Indiana nonprofit corporation awarded the GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency, and a recognized public charity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Donations to Fiscal Sponsorship Allies, Inc. for Rebuild Ukraine Foundation are tax-deductible. Rebuild Ukraine Foundation is itself an incorporated non-profit in New York State. As our fiscal sponsor, Fiscal Sponsorship Allies Inc., will collect donations to be used towards serving our organization’s charitable purpose. All documents related to the tax exemption and annual return are available for public inspection and copying.